Title page for the original edition of Anna Karenina

It’s November 2020 and the night of the US Presidential Election.

I’m lying in bed and I can’t sleep.

It feels like this result will predict the fate of the rest of the world, how it may or may not still have hope left in it, and how we’re going…

“The only thing that can displace a story is a story.” — George Monbiot

In recent months, people have been grappling with the ethics of loving and even consuming Harry Potter due to JK Rowling’s disgraceful, harmful and general transphobic existence. …

This past year is the year in which I fell deeper into my anxiety than I ever thought possible, had a panic attack at work, and ended up quitting my job.

This past year is also the year in which I played through the entirety of the Tekken video game…

Mark Dickson

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